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image exampleGreen Earth Essentials is a complete eco-friendly, non-toxic cleaning service that only utilizes biodegradable cleaning products and 100% organic essential oils. We serve residential homes, offices and learning facilities in Asheville, NC and WNC.

Green Earth Essentials utilizes HEPA filters in our vacuum cleaners which trap dust particles and help prevent allergies.

We use only 100% biodegradable, non-toxic products that are made of plant surfacents and enzymes which breakdown dirt, proteins and odors. These are examples of other natural products that are utilized: Vinegar, which breaks down grease, dust, and grime, eliminates mold and mildew. Concentrated citrus-dissolves soap and mineral deposits. Therapeutic grade hydrogen peroxide to whiten surfaces and kill mold and mildew. Linseed and coconut based soap-to add a healthy shine and sparkle to floors and wood surfaces. Hydrogen Peroxide's antibacterial properties make it ideal for disinfecting the various surfaces around your home.

Essential oils are a fun and natural way to clean and sanitize the air in your home. Essential oils are also scientifically proven (see article in New Life Journal by Jackie Tripp) to prevent the spread of air born viruses, pests & mold and have the added benefit of aromatherapy. We utilize Soma essential oil's wich are 100% organic and are locally wildcrafted in the Blue Ridge Mountain's by

  • Available for:
  • Commercial.
  • Residential.
  • Light construction.
  • Real Estate showings.
  • Move-in/move out cleanings.
  • Weekly or biweekly maintenance cleanings.
  • Plant Maintenance.

Green Earth Essentials also provides private consultations and classes on how you can prepare your own home made cleaning products. See our article in the Mountain Xpress here.

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